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We would like to enter the Buccleuch Property Challenge (BPC) 2024

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£775 + VAT

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Enter two teams or more for £725 + VAT per team.


Our charity for 2024 is Chris's House.  To get us off to a good start we would really appreciate your help in making a voluntary donation.  If you are willing to do this please tick one of the boxes below and we will get in touch with you to collect this in due course.

Undertaking of Personal Responsibility


By signing this form you are registering to take part in the Buccleuch Property Challenge (‘BPC’) and agree to the conditions and rules detailed below. I hereby undertake that in relation to any event provided by BlueSky Experiences Limited:

  • I will take all reasonable care to ensure my own health and safety and that of any other person who may be affected by anything I do or fail to do. Before taking part, I will bring to the attention of the Event Director any medical or special needs which I have and which may affect my ability to participate in the event. I have not consumed alcohol within six hours of participating in the event and I will not consume any until after the event.
  • I accept that the indoor and outdoor activities provided by BlueSky give rise to a risk of injury to people and that I will act carefully at all times. I confirm I have read and understood this Form of Undertaking and have signed it willingly. By taking part I agree that any photos and videos taken throughout the day can be posted on the Buccleuch Property website, Facebook page and used for promotional purposes.


What Next?

Once you have registered, you should visit our Preparation page. This will give you vital information on bike hire, accommodation and travel as well as your team instructions, kit list and the countryside code which must be observed.

If you have any questions about the event or how to register your interest and get updates from us, you can get in touch with Joanna on 0131 524 0910 or jwatson@buccleuch.com.