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£18k raised for Maggies

2012 winners:

Mixed Category
1st Place: Whiteburn “Two Phat Loons and a Gallus Bison”
John Shepherd, Andy Craig & Eve McCurrich

2nd Place: Buccleuch Property “Prime Buccleuch Beef”
David Peck, James Macleod & Emma Pattison

3rd Place: Burness LLP “Burnecessities”
Peter Chambers, Ben Brough & Gemma Watt

Single Category
1st Place: Cundall
Jim Allen, Thomas Neeson & Damien Dungworth

2nd Place:  Buccleuch Property “Buccleuch Properly Challenged”
Cameron Mackay, Dan Jones & Graham Sanders

3rd Place: Ryden “Starter, Waldorf and Meldrew”
Richard Lang, John Findlay & Gus Stewart

Buccleuch Property Challenge 2012 image The start line of the 2012 Buccleuch Property ChallengeCrossing the river in the 2012 Buccleuch Property ChallengeMountain biker taking part in the 2012 Buccleuch Property Challenge

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